Athame with Clear Glass Handle

Athame with Clear Glass HandleWeighing approximately 46g, with a total length of 18cm, and a clear glass handle of approximately 14mm diameter, these athames have a lovely feel to it and are very comfortable in the hand.

Although there are many applications in which an athame needs to be sharp, such as when cutting herbs, cords or knots, or when carving symbols into wood, there are many instances in which it effectively used as a wand i.e. to direct focus and energy. Intended for the latter purpose, this athame is NOT sharp, and is thus safer, especially if you like to leave your magical instruments on your altar, than a sharp blade (it can however be used to cut folded paper as it is essentially based upon a letter opener style blade).

These athatmes are supplied in stylish black boxes which not only protect them in transit, but which also make a very nice presentation and storage box.

Important: Do not use salt or water to cleanse these athames, or bury them in earth, as this is likely to get into the components from which it is made, even if dried immediately afterwards, and cause tarnishing and or corrosion. They can be cleaned/polished with a cloth and cleansed/charged using techniques such as smudging or exposing to moonlight.

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