Imbolc Pagan Bracelet - The Nineteen Candles of Brigid

Brigid Cross Garnet Goddess Invocation Pagan BraceletIn honour of Imbolc, also known as Brighids Day we have created this beautiful Pagan Garnet Bracelet

This magical bracelet has 19 beautiful silver edged garnets, representing:

The 19 Candles of Brigid: An eternal fire was kept burning at the ancient Convent of Kildaire for Brigid. This fire was tended by nineteen nuns over a period of nineteen days. On the twentieth day, Brigid Herself is said to keep the fire burning.
It is also accented with Moonstone beads to represent the Mother and a Goddess charm.

A Sun Charm: It is said that Brighid was born exactly at sunrise, thus making her a liminal Goddess. The word "limen" which comes from Latin, means, "a threshold, the state of being in between places and times". To the Celts this represents sacred space.

A Water Charm: She is also the goddess of Wells and springs, crossroads and midwifery. Three rivers are named for Her; Brigit, Braint and Brent in Ireland, Wales and England, respectively.

A Cetic Knot and a Pentagram charm: The Celtic Knot represents the Celtic ancestery of Brigid and the Pentagram of course represents her Pagan roots.

Dispersed along the chain of the bracelet are small silver straw crosses, representing
The Brigids Cross:
A cross Brigid herself weaved on the deathbed of her Father.
The Brigids cross is said to protect a house from fire.

The bracelet is made of antiqued silver plate chain with silver capped Garnet beading and Tibetan charms and measures approx 7.5cms

Brigid Cross Garnet Goddess Invocation Pagan Bracelet

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