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Tricky Little Beasts

Here you will find animal themed jewellery and, in a following section, carved gemstone animals for your alter, to decorate your home, or to carry in your pocket.

Gemstone Bat PendantsThis page got it's name after a discussion on Brighid's Facebook page about how it drives me nuts trying to take pictures of the carved gemstone animals. It's really tricky to get images that show them off, without exaggeration.

The images to the right illustrate the problem. They show the exact same three gemstone bats; the only difference is that in the first they are photographed on a white background and on a black background for the second. That's it. Same camera, lighting, and NO photoshopping on either.

The white background "kills" their colours, and the black exaggerates them. The reality: is somewhere in between and how they look will depend on what you wear with them (black blouse, white blouse, coloured blouse), the colour of your skin (fair, tanned, dark), plus the lighting conditions (indoors, outdoors, sunny day).

You can see why it's drives me nuts trying to show you what they REALLY look like? :-)

In each case I chose them from a much larger selection at a gemstone wholesalers. I was there for hours, choosing only the ones that I thought looked nicest. It irks me that I can't get good photos of them and this is why I'm clearing them all out. I won't be replacing them when they're gone.

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