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Meditation & Prayer Beads

This page was previously called "Witches' Ladders & Pagan Rosaries" but I didn't like that name for reasons that will become apparent if you read my articles about Witch's Ladders and Pagan Rosaries. I much prefer to call these items "meditation beads"... but each to their own. ;-)

Whatever you call them, the point is that they are beads for use in meditation, prayer, chanting or ritual, for counting repetitions of a prayer, spell, chant, or indeed the number of breaths taken during a meditation.

The designs presented here are just a small selection of what is possible and I can make them with different numbers and groupings of beads, different gemstones and different symbols. If there's nothing here that works for you be you have an idea for something that would please do contact me with your requirements and I will endeavour to help.

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