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Warrior Wear

There's statement jewellery, and then there's what I like to call "Warrior Wear": for those who are NOT to be messed with.

For the most part it has a chunky "ethnic" feel, but it also draws upon sci-fi and fantasy fiction, as much as it does upon cultures from around the world.

Looking Good and Kicking Butt

Wear it when you're preparing for battle, be it clearing dragons out of a LARP dungeon, negotiating a pay rise, or just generally getting ready to kick butt!

In the photo, by Asgard Photography, alternative model Lola Filth wears my Copper Spines & Peacock Pearls Necklace and prototype versions of my copper plate bracelets.

Please note that most of the out of stock items on this page
have been moved to my Etsy store.

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