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Witches Ladders

Witches' Ladders are something of a curiosity given that they are easy to find on the Internet as beaded strands, accompanied by claims that they are traditional and/or use a traditional number of beads, and yet both their origin and name seems to derive from speculation and misunderstanding of a single item, discovered in an attic in 1878 and that didn't have beads at all.

My article on Witch's Ladders elaborates on this but whatever their history and credentials, the modern designs presented here employ various magical numbers, gemstones, and symbolism, to create attractive items that can be used as a witches' ladder talisman, a dowsing pendulum, a set of meditation/prayer beads, and/or worn as a necklace.

Please note that the designs presented here are just a small selection of what is possible and I can make them with different numbers and groupings of beads, different gemstones and different symbolism. If you would prefer something different from what is offered here, please contact me with your requirements and I will endeavour to help.

Some products that were previously listed on this page can now be found in Andy's Etsy Shop

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