About Brighid's Pagan Jewellery

HiAndy in 2018Andy here. Owner, designer, and tea boy at Brighid's Pagan Jewellery. :-)

I've been making things since I was old enough to use sticky tape... although I hope I've progressed a little since then. Along the way I became interested in jewellery making, a discipline in which I enjoy the necessity for attention to detail.

This "attention to detail" also shows in my beliefs and ethos. When I want to know about a thing I want to know it inside out. When I do a thing I do it without compromise.

You will see this in my no nonsense approach here on Brighid's, in terms of real pricing (none of this hike the price so as to offer discounts), and in the honest up front descriptions so you know exactly what you're buying.

In a sentence: it's jewellery you can believe in.


A Little Brighid's History

Debra at work circa 2014Brighid's Pagan Jewellery came into being in 2010 when Debra, a qualified nurse and practising Pagan living in North Yorkshire, went in search of good quality, Pagan and Wiccan jewellery, found the market lacking, and began making her own. As a result of positive reactions and encouragement from family and friends, she decided to offer them more widely, and Brighid's Pagan Jewellery was born.

Debra "discovered" Wicca in the 1990s and felt an immediate connection with it. Her faith and beliefs are clearly reflected in her work and Brighid's Pagan Jewellery is aptly named after Brighid, a deity with whom Debra has a particular affinity; Brighid being the goddess of poets, healers, bards and metal smiths. "Brigid inspires metal smiths to hone their skills, flow with the minerals of the earth and to give their ideas a solid form".

Andy joined Brighid's Pagan Jewellery in 2011 and redirected his model making skills towards creating new components for Debra to use in her designs, as well as creating designs of his own.

Brighid's was run as a partnership until 2015, after which Debra continued alone until 2017. During this time she became increasingly interested in developing and focusing on her work with gemstones, both as a jeweller and as a healer. In order to pursue this avenue still further, she decided in 2017 to give up running Brighid's Pagan Jewellery, at which point Andy returned to take up the reigns.

Andy at work circa 2014Andy has always had an interest in nature, science, mathematics, and the paranormal. At the age of 8 his favourite book was "The Collins Encyclopedia of Nature" and he read almost exclusively from the Science & Nature section of his junior school library. In high school he studied Biology, Chemistry and Physics, while studying the paranormal in his spare time. He first became interested in white magic and herbalism in the early 1980s.

Having also been an artist and model maker for as long as anyone can remember, the initial application of his existing skills to jewellery making, lead on to him setting about leaning new ones, thus adding metal smithing, glass working (including enamelling), polymer clay, and a few lapidary skills to his repertoire. In his time away from Brighid's he also developed rudimentary skills in leather working, wood carving, and metal casting techniques.

Andy’s is currently working to take Brighid's to a new level featuring unique and exclusive designs for the discerning pagan.

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